Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots of freebies this Dec!

The hair looks weird but I like it. See me smiling! To get the hair, type "red queen" in Search- Groups. The first one is the group to join. The hair is found in the notice archives, along with another gift hair.

I like the skin I am wearing a lot! It is from *Bebae*. You can join the group to get the skin or visit its store to get it.

My blog isn't a freebie blog because it is quite tiring to hunt for freebies. So i just blog what I happen to find. This is some information that I have gathered for my personal consumption but I like to share with ya all too.

1. Christmas Hunt at Magika from 1 Dec to 24 Dec. 1 item to hunt per day. Item changes every day. Each item currently costs 1L. The first item is a neko ear and tail.

2. Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt. 2 Dec 1pm to 31 Dec. Check URL for info.

3. Little Fish Asian Fashion's Christmas Freebies. Freebies are gift boxes found under the Christmas tree. Scarves, tight, new shoes, Tang suit ^_^

4. C & H, a Japanese hair shop has 2 lucky chairs & 2 camping chairs for hair!!

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