Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A dancing job experience

Sorry for the long break. I don't know what to blog about or was too lazy to blog. Today, I visit this club which offers camping of 3L / 10 minutes (but that is only limited to five people at one time) and tips for ladies who use the poles in the club to dance. Since I couldn't camp (the camp limit is met), I decide to dance.


To start off, I was tipped by the owner. After that, I decided to pretend that I am a real dancer and chat with one man in the club. And for that, I got tipped too! To utilize this opportunity, I change outfits every now and then. I wore lingerie which is something that I don't wear often because there isn't an appropriate situation to wear it.

How do I feel about my greenhorn dancing experience? Well, it is fun but to do as a job is another matter. I can dress naughtily but to sound naughty seems a hard thing to do.

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