Saturday, October 22, 2011

A simple Panda

I long to have the DP Yumyum avatar (see post 1 and post 2). I didn't get it mostly because of the price (L$600) and the animal (I am not into bunny and sheep av). When i saw the panda av on CSR Rally, I thought I should give a try.

The result is not bad (after I figure out that I was wearing the wrong head):

panda av 2 To make the deal sweeter, I bought it for 100L. This is because the panda av is one of CSR rally prize (Information about the rally is found here)

The 100L item that I bought is great (yes better than the panda). It is a bowing gesture by KAMI-HITOE. There are 2 kinds- I bought the Chinese one:


You can try the demo before you buy. Photos taken from

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Magika Survey

One of my favourite hair store has a survey to gather feedback on rooms for improvement. Have a look!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cat Housekeeper

Today I went to clear up my stuff at my skybox. My stay in the skybox is more or less up. Tashi is nice to provide me a room to stay. However, I cant just have a room and do nothing.

Here’s come the cat housekeeper!

Tashi wants to get the cats to mate quickly. Hence, I decide to cuddle them everyday, for half an hour for as long as I have the time. My first cat I take care of is Blast.

cat housekeeper_004

Upclose on Blast. SL likes to give me the “face” problem.

To say the truth, I find it weird that cuddling the cats could speed up mating. Arent they suppose to mate naturally?

 cat housekeeper_002

The cuddling animation doesn’t suit my kid avatar.

cat housekeeper_004
Here is how Blast looks like.

cat housekeeper_006
His mate, Action. She is very beautiful. Blast must be very happy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Photos of my skybox

I took some snapshots of my skybox using my dad's computer. Love the atmospheric shaders.

skybox on the outside
The skybox from the outside

skybox on the inside
The skybox comes with a house

xxx bed
The house even has a xxx bed / love bed. Anyone wants to try? haha

I want a much more normal bed. Hence, I went to Second Life 24h and found this nice bed. It comes with the lamp shown too.

My bed
Chaise with lamp in subscribe, LISP Amelie Chaise & Lamps Group Gift

Maybe next week or later, I open my skybox for housewarming. It's not everyday I have my own place.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I took part in the Eturnal Night raffle contest and won a skybox for a month! I am actually a bit paiseh (embarrassed) for winning it cos I dont usually enter  attend their events due to late nights. Well, I hope to be able to contribute to Eturnal Night in one way or another.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Age gracefully

I started working since last Sept. This week, my colleague and I discuss about aging gracefully. In our line, late nights are unavoidable. My colleague commented that the female colleagues that join the firm a year later, “depreciate” a lot more than a typical girl of the same age. He, being a guy probably is right (since guys are more observant of girls lol). Well I certainly hope I can age gracefully.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to get a fancy font for your display name

I always wanted to ask my friend, Joey how she gets a display name with such fancy font. Today, I finally ask and she told me she got the font from the following website:

ʀɛɖɨƈɛ ƈɨօƈ

Cool right?

If you know of any website that provide this service, share with us so everyone knows :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

NCI Party

As I haven't been in NCI (New Citizen Inc) for a long time, I decide to go for their party held every Saturday.

It's good to see old friends and make new ones.

dragon dancin

dragon dancing_001

whale dancing

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am back!

After removing the faulty part (of my computer), change the fan, start having a life (I have no life previously), I am back in SL!

Coming back is one thing. Deciding what to do with SL is another thing. After considering, I decided to clear inventory. I have inventory of less than 10,000 items but I dont like it as it is very messy. In addition, a lot of items are outdated so I am trying to clear up. Till then, I probably dont be getting any new items.

Strangely, I manage to get involved in lots of fun stuff this weekend (despite the time spent clearing the inventory). I got a chance to catch up with my SL brother (cos he has the same surname). Unfortunately, he change his display name and got himself a new account. Hence, kinda not my brother anymore.

In addition, I met Tashi Core, an old friend. She invited me to the Eturnal Night, her vampire family and even pay for the potion (cos I got bitten before and need to be neutralized) and the Bloodlines hud (I have to join Bloodlines before I can join the family). Thank you, Tashi!
Now, I am a member of Eturnal Night which is something new to me cos I never join a family. To be precise, I am an night angel (cos humans are angels to the vampires hehe). Thus, I got a chance to set home at Tashi's place (thanks dear for that, promise I dont invade you and your roomie's privacy).

I think maybe I try to take a photo. I haven't taken a photo in SL for a long time.