Friday, June 19, 2009

Miriel is closing down on 20 June 2009

Miriel Enfield is one of the persons in SL that I admire a lot. She makes beautiful eyes. Unfortunately, she is shutting down her store permanently. The last operating day is 20 June 2009.

If you are interested, do go down to her store and check her eyes out.

Eyes: L$50 each
Fatpack: L$125 per pack
Wearable demo eyes: FREE

Because my own pictures don't do justice to Miriel's eyes, here is a blog which will show how beautiful her eyes are.

I have a (SL) dream

As I grow up in SL, I realize the importance of SL home ownership. You can set your home in a place (e.g. infohub) but if it don't feel like a home (no apartment, nobody you can talk to etc.), it is not a home to you. However, owning a home is pretty expensive. Even if one don't own land and incurs land costs, the rental cost can set one back by L$100 per week.

For newbies, they could get a free home at Starting Point ( However, there is no free or cheap home for persons who have never own a home before and are not newbies. Hence, I have a dream to have a piece of land for such people. These people will stay at the land for a few months to experience what it is like to have a home. The rental fee will be L$10 per week or something like that. This is so that the needy residents will find it affordable to own a home.

Because I have no intention to use real money to finance my SL life, I currently have about L$5,000 in my SL account. The money is probably not enough to realise the dream in the long term. However, I hope that I can earn more $ in my spare time to attain my dream. I also hope to find free and/or cheap places to stay so that I could recommend these places.

I hope someone can help me to fulfill this dream. Many Thanks!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beautiful Day

A beautiful day is one when everything is going smoothly. I get what I want. The sun is shining but not scorching. It is soothing to the skin and to the eyes. There could be rain to make my day cooling.

Boring? Unfulfilling? Maybe so but I would like my life to be like this 90% of the time. The remaining 10% will be for an adventure.

Have a beautiful day.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love Friday - I love bears!

I love bears a lot a lot a lot! I also love cats but that is another story.

When i was a kid /baby, I keep yelling to my parents that i want a bear that i see in the shopping centre. My parents couldn’t stand it and bought me my first bear. This starts my love affair with bears. Till now, I still have my first bear. It is very special to me because she is my first friend.

There is also another bear I love. Panda! There is a new movie made about a panda and an orphan. It is a Chinese movie by Disney and Castle Hero Pictures. The movie is called "Trail of the Panda". What is so special about the movie is that they use real pandas in the movie!

I believe the movie will also be shown in English because there is a English trailer for it as well. Enjoy!

The Trailer

The making of the movie

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why no real life post?

My profile states that I will blog about my opinions in real life. However, so far, most of my blogging is dedicated to Second Life. Even when I do talk about real life, it is probably work, studies and a need to take time off the computer.

In reality, I do have a interesting real life. I would like to share my real life musings here but I have Second Life posts that I plan to write and haven't got around doing so.

I hope to clear my SL posts so I can move to the RL ones. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blogger Appreciation Week

Blogger Appreciation Week is long over but I have words to say to the bloggers.

To all bloggers whose blogs that I have read (not limited to the blogs in the blogroll), thanks for:

entertaining me

helping me to spend my free time

waste my time for doing important things (haha)

learn new things about life and SL.

Thank you so much!