Wednesday, December 10, 2008

RainyTown at Creamshop

I have always want to visit Rainy Town cos I have never seen rain in SL. When my friend and I got there, there was a sign saying that we should set our environment setting to night for best results. I did that and took some pictures.


Good rabbit, take us to Rainy Town.


Good Rabbit: We are reaching, madams.

I took photos in other environment settings too.

rain and thunder_001


rain and thunder 2

rain and thunder

Free items shown:

Pose - *Luth* Melancholy 13, Reel Expression Sub-O-Matic Group Gift (may or may not be available) (0L)
Hat - Part of Blue Blood Peace on Earth Hunt Gift Outfit (OL)
Shoes with skates - Aphrodite Friends and Fashion Group Gift (0L)
*WR* Lighting Freebie (1L)

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