Thursday, April 30, 2009

250L Joining Fee

In order to give the group gifts to genuine members, designers impose 250L joining fee. To elaborate, designers have found that some persons join their groups just for the group gifts. They found that these persons left the groups after they received the group gifts. To prevent this, they impose the joining fee. In consideration of the fee (meaning in return for one paying the fee), they give lots of group gifts. This is why groups with joining fee imposed generally received more group gifts compared to groups who have no joining fee imposed.

Since we know the root cause of the joining fee, can we resolve it so that fewer designers will impose the fee? I have some ideas but I am not sure whether they will work.

1. Join the group, get the gift and stay

If one likes the designer’s designs very much, he or she will be enticed to stay in the group. Besides, it is not just the gifts that one receives but notices of sales, new releases and so on.

What if you really have to leave the group?

If you like the group, try not to leave it unless your 25 group limit is met and you want to join a new group.

Before you leave the group, check that the group gift(s) have disappeared in the group notices. The group gift will disappear in the next 15 days from its date of release. If the group gift is given out in the store and requires the group tag to be activated, give it a month from the date of release of the group gift before you leave the group. Sometimes, the group gift is left indefinitely in the store. One month is still sufficient for such group gifts because the designer will normally notifies members of the group gift only once, which is when it is released.

Leave the group when the above paragraph is satisfied.

I follow this practice because I feel that in return for the group gifts received, one should return the favour by at least staying in the group. This is why designers give group gifts in the first place – to get one to stay in the group, learn about their products and hopefully buy their products. In addition, the chance of many members leaving the group at the same time is lowered.

2. Check that groups permit free open enrolment before leaving group

This is to prevent one from leaving a group which is closed to the public or leaving a group which has imposed a joining fee.

3. Get Alts to join groups that you couldn’t join

If you have alts, get them to join groups that you couldn’t join due to the 25 group limit. This will prevent you from leaving groups.

I welcome more suggestions or opinions about the issue. Cya.

EDIT: I just realize 2 has nothing with the issue. LOL.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is there such thing as SLebrity?

SLebrity stands for SL celebrity. Since I talk about SLebrity tank in the previous post, I think I will talk about SLebrity as well. I believe there is such thing as SLebrity.

There are persons who are well-known and adored by many. According to Concise Oxford dictionary software I use, a celebrity is a famous person or the state of being famous. Since these persons fit into this definition, they are SLebrities.

On the other hand, I believe that whether a person is popular or not depends on the eyes of the beholder. If A don’t think there is anything special about the person or don’t adore him or her, the person will not be considered a SLebrity to A even though B may think otherwise.

I used to adore a blogger a lot. I read her blog and was so excited when I got to see her face to face. I was also initially hesitant to comment on her blog as I wanted to wait for the best moment to comment. Crazy, right. Now, I still adore her but not in the same crazy manner. It is the same for RL artistes too.

There is definitely a group of people or individuals that are SLebrities. We don’t call them by that name but in a way they are famous as everyone knows them. Who are they? Of course, they are the Lindens. Some Lindens are also well known as individuals. However, as Lindens are equivalent to your service provider cum the government, I guess no one will call them SLebrities. I don’t as well.

After writing this post, I realize the same can be said for RL celebrities. Whether there is such thing as a celebrity depends on the beholder. Because I am the kind that adores RL and SL persons, I believe there is such thing as SLebrity.

Monday, April 27, 2009

SLebrity Tank

I have decided that as long as I am playing FabFree Flickr Contest, I would continue to wear the Fabfree gift of the month. In fact I find it fun to find clothes to match the jewellery.

I start wearing no shoes and no hair again! I really love doing that as I dont have to spend time finding shoes and hair to wear. Ok, back to the main topic.

Do you want an SLebrity top?


I was shopping at Vain Inc when I saw this top. I thought it looks cute so I snap a photo of it hanging on the wall.

~Vette's Boutique~ SLebrity Tank L$90
When one buys, one will receive 2 tanks, one in small print and one in big print.

FabFree Monthly Contest - [April 2009]

FabFree ( has a monthly contest when contestants have to wear the gift of the month and take a picture of the gift along with their other freebies. The winner will be featured on Fabfree blog. Frankly speaking, I am not interested in being featured on the fabfree blog but I am very happy to have a chance to dress up!

Here is my photo:


Hair: Philotic Energy past lucky chair prize
Eyebrows: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Onyx Skins EyebrowShape - part of hunt
Eyes: [::f*a::] ChuPu EYE -must activate +APPLE POP+ group tag which is free to join
Skin: Dutch Touch past group gift
Dress including gloves & stockings: Snatch, located between the riot vendor ad and the lucky fortune teller chair
Jewellery: Eolande’s Basic Essentials - delicate pearl set *
Pose: Vain Inc past gift

* Gift of the month

Questions that FabFree requires answering
Name: RedIce Cioc
Favorite Color: All shades of blue except dark blue
What I like to wear in SL: Hair!
How I spend time in SL: Currently spend time playing dress up and shopping

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear blog

Dear blog,

I am back! And I just broke a cup. Studies are not good but I can't blame anyone-Just plain lazy. Hope I write more fun/interesting posts in future.

See ya,

red ice

Monday, April 6, 2009

How big is your ego?

Your Ego is Small

You are quite humble. You try not to spend too much time congratulating yourself.

You're proud of who you are, but you're also secure. You don't need to brag.

You see yourself and others in a pretty realistic way. You appreciate strengths and faults.

You respect people and believe that you can learn from them.