Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to know that you are addicted to Second Life?

1.       While doing RL (real life) things like brushing teeth, you thought of Second Life (SL).

“Damn, I forget to delete an item in my inventory folder.”
“I left my avatar in her bikini! Why didn’t I change to proper clothes before I log out! Who knows- someone will see me when I log in?

2.       You think of what to do when you log in to Second Life instead of more important things like what jobs to apply for.

3.       You feel like logging on to Second Life website so that you can see whether your friend(s) is online in SL. If someone is online, you will have a good reason to “persuade” yourself to log in to SL even though it is bedtime.

4.       You tell yourself that you must write this post before you go to sleep tonight.

Arr.. I am addicted to Second Life.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

SL Names Meme

     I decide to do the meme from Strawberry Singh.

  1. What’s your SL name? RedIce Cioc
  1. What made you choose this name? I saw the Crocs shoes on display and thought they were nice and cute. Hence, I wanted my last name to be similer to Crocs ... Cioc! As I am very bad with pronunciation  I choose a simple name. Unfortunately the name "Ice" and "Icy" was taken so I took Second Life's suggestion of "RedIce".
  1. What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you? (if applicable) Red, Redice (cos putting the cap on I is quite troublesome). 
  1. What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable) When I am in my male avatar, I will choose any male name that I fancy at that time as a display name.
  1. Do you like your SL name? Not really because it is too common. However, I still like it to a certain extent as it is simple to pronounce.
  1. If you could change your SL name, what would it be? Although I don't like the SL name very much but I will stick with the name.
  1. What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen? None. Maybe someone can point out to me?
  1. What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen? None. Maybe someone can point out to me?