Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What happen to my SL world?

I think I accidentally click on some buttons but I couldn't explain why my SL world looks like this.

wierd sl world_001

I change the environment setting to sunrise and I got this.

wierd sl world_002

A restart of SL settles the problem but I wonder what have I done? Can someone explains why?

red ice
P.S. The pictures look good though. :)

Video Time

Poetic eyes has given another free eyes! It is similar to the christmas eyes given out last christmas but I love these ones too! (wearing them right now as I type)

Today I like to show a song that I like. The song is from Amy Diamond "Don't lose any sleep over you".

Below is a short video of Amy Diamond singing the same song, without the music. She has great vocals. :)

Raine Yang from Taiwan did a cover of the song in chinese. It sounds nice too. I like her grey outfit and her associated hairstyle. me\ wishes I can get the same items in SL/RL.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kaimono - An asian shopping guide to Second Life

Ever since Beanie Canning's blog ceases being updated, I have been looking for an English blog that covers Asian fashion. Finally, I discovered

I am reading the blog for the first time but I have a good initial impression of it. It contains news about Asian fashion (gifts, events, new releases) which is what I want out of an Asian fashion blog.

red ice

Thursday, February 5, 2009

SL from an MMORPG View (for Lowbies)

The title is the name of a interesting article that I read about a few weeks ago. It is about how one can play SL like a game. I find it quite interesting. Although I have been in SL for a long time, I am still stuck at Level 3. Hopefully, one day I will move to Level 4. Haha.


Clearing up blog & Flickr

Hi there! Sorry I make it look it like the blog is never updated. I meant to update the blog but it is either I don't have the time or I don't know what to write.

Thinking back, I have deleted 2 blog posts before. One was the first post I wrote when I first started the blog. The other was a post about a contest that was already over, thus I thought I may as well delete it. Now, I regret deleting my first post. I plan to write a new one but then I realise I couldn't bring back the spirit and the words of my maiden post. Hence, I decide to leave it as such since I can't un-delete the maiden post.

Clearing up blog & Flickr

I decide to every now and then clear up my blog posts and my Flickr photostream. This is because my Flickr photostream could only show up to 200 photos at one time. I don't like the idea that my old favourite photos got pushed back. Hence, I delete the ones that I don't like that much. This of course involves me deleting the related blog posts cos all my photos are uploaded to Flickr for the purpose of blogging.

Due to all these clearing up, I wonder when I will hit my 100th post. Haha.