Sunday, January 19, 2014

Adam Lambert in Second Life

Saw this photograph and love the skin and shape! Look like Adam Lambert! Not sure whether it is available now though.

A. Lamb. skin by Essences - TMD
 Photo from Creator of skin and shape, Essences []

You can compare this Photo with the real Adam Lambert

Sailor Moon Lingerie in Second Life

I recently succumbed to the temptation to play the Gacha Machine in an attempt to get the Sailor Moon Lingerie. Reason: I watched Sailor Moon Anime as a kid and often had to rush home from Tuition to watch it. I also love to read the Sailor Moon comics that I borrowed from the library. Although I don't read or watch Japanese Anime (except for Doramen) now, I still remember Sailor Moon and some of its characters.

I played once (once is good enough lar) and win the Mars Outfit!


Photo from the Creator, The Sugar Garden []

There are 2 Gacha Machines, one for lingerie, the other for the wand. The lingerie costs L$50 each play. The wand costs L$75 each play. Hence, buying the lingerie sounds more worthwhile.

The very next day I wore the Mars Outfit at Eturnal Night Sim. I was outside the Sweet Poison\o/Club when a guy IMed me asking whether I am Female or not. I noticed a few guys like to ask this question. Does it matter? After I answered his question, I logged out to do other things. After I logged back, he left an IM asking whether I like to dance with him or not. Guess this outfit must be HOT to the guys haha.

Limo to the Gacha Machines:
- you have to walk out of the building to find the Machines
The Gacha Machines are part of Oh my Gacha event held from 1 Jan 14 to 31 Jan 14.

Chacha Doll in Snow

I changed the blog layout as it will be Chinese New Year soon so everything have to be red. Hence, apology for causing eye sore. I will change the blog layout after Chinese New Year and when I log in to blog (which I don't know when).

Tashi gifted me the Chacha Doll. It is after some research, I found out that they are from The Arcade Dec 13. Mine is the Puppy Doll. I like that the doll looks unique and scary so I can walk around and have people staring at me (same feeling as aemeth has with her own unique avatars).

Chacha Doll Puppy Face

chacha doll snow

Location of Photos are at Eturnal Night. It is beautifully done up for Winter!