Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ABC Fashion Challenge

"How it works: Put together an outfit with items from your inventory starting with the same letters like your avatar’s first name.
Basic rules:
- Use only items that you have in your inventory right now (no quick shopping spree beforehand).- Skin, shape and eyes do not have to count towards it, unless you want to.
- Only the name of the item itself counts, not the the designer’s name, brand or the type of item (e.g. you cannot use "trouser" for T) - unless you are really desperate like I was.
- Take a pic, make a list of the items used and post everything on Flickr or in your blog. Post the link to it either on Flickr or in the comments to this blog entry.- Have fun!"
Paulina Oceanlane from Who let the dorks out?

I have been reading the dorks blog for a long time. I love it cos it shows the various looks we can adopt and have fun with. One doesn’t have to be a SL Barbie or Ken all the time.


R- retro print dress by Icey
e- electric feel - Burgundy by Hiccup (1L)
d- doughnut earnings
I- intime plaster (0L)
c - classic pumps by Juicy
e - edited city chic shape - female by me (I am desperate here, couldnt find an E)

Edit: Oops, I just realise INtime is a brand. Never mind since I already posted the post.


Bella Baroque said...

I am soooo late in commenting, but have been MIA with a new baby. Great job with the challenge! Your look is unique and fun, yay! And I'm going all fangirl reading that you actually read our blog too, hehe. We have all had busy RLs but are starting up the blog again! I hope you can drop by :)

Paulina Oceanlane said...

Ohh I just saw this now!! Great use of doughnut earrings. I updated the blog page. :)

RedIce Cioc said...

Thanks, Paulina and Bella. I will drop up by your blog - have done so already. I really like the doughnut earrings but sadly, we can't see them from the picture.