Saturday, May 21, 2011

Age gracefully

I started working since last Sept. This week, my colleague and I discuss about aging gracefully. In our line, late nights are unavoidable. My colleague commented that the female colleagues that join the firm a year later, “depreciate” a lot more than a typical girl of the same age. He, being a guy probably is right (since guys are more observant of girls lol). Well I certainly hope I can age gracefully.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to get a fancy font for your display name

I always wanted to ask my friend, Joey how she gets a display name with such fancy font. Today, I finally ask and she told me she got the font from the following website:

ʀɛɖɨƈɛ ƈɨօƈ

Cool right?

If you know of any website that provide this service, share with us so everyone knows :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

NCI Party

As I haven't been in NCI (New Citizen Inc) for a long time, I decide to go for their party held every Saturday.

It's good to see old friends and make new ones.

dragon dancin

dragon dancing_001

whale dancing

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I am back!

After removing the faulty part (of my computer), change the fan, start having a life (I have no life previously), I am back in SL!

Coming back is one thing. Deciding what to do with SL is another thing. After considering, I decided to clear inventory. I have inventory of less than 10,000 items but I dont like it as it is very messy. In addition, a lot of items are outdated so I am trying to clear up. Till then, I probably dont be getting any new items.

Strangely, I manage to get involved in lots of fun stuff this weekend (despite the time spent clearing the inventory). I got a chance to catch up with my SL brother (cos he has the same surname). Unfortunately, he change his display name and got himself a new account. Hence, kinda not my brother anymore.

In addition, I met Tashi Core, an old friend. She invited me to the Eturnal Night, her vampire family and even pay for the potion (cos I got bitten before and need to be neutralized) and the Bloodlines hud (I have to join Bloodlines before I can join the family). Thank you, Tashi!
Now, I am a member of Eturnal Night which is something new to me cos I never join a family. To be precise, I am an night angel (cos humans are angels to the vampires hehe). Thus, I got a chance to set home at Tashi's place (thanks dear for that, promise I dont invade you and your roomie's privacy).

I think maybe I try to take a photo. I haven't taken a photo in SL for a long time.