Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Freebies and Dollarbies for Kids and Others

Last week, I decide to try making a kids av for myself. I already have some information on how to do it. So my task was just to do it.


Bear Av (L$0) from KUMAMOTO JAPAN
On Kid:
Korean Doll from LittleGirl Peace on Earth Hunt Gift (0L)
Hair from +YUZUKAMIYA+ (0L)
Outfit (include binky and shoes), Shape and AO (pose used in photo is from AO) from Free*Style HQ (1L per outfit and 1L for shape and AO)
Skin from My Girl! (0L)
Eyes from Sin Skins (not free)

There are other bear avs available other than the christmas version. Very cute! A shopper at Snatch validates the cuteness!

The korean doll is cute too. I know people have complained that they couldnt get the rabbit doll, which was the previous LittleGirl Peace on Earth Hunt Gift. However, this one is cute and good too. Thanks to this gift, I finally found a korean designer to adore.

The free hair is available in black and brown. There are also other free hairs, lucky chairs and affordable hair available at the store.

There are 2 other outfits there. Fab!

me with puppy_001

The photo can look a lot better if I edit it. But I am lazy and dont know anything about photo editing. :)

Bear Av (L$0) from KUMAMOTO JAPAN

My first male pet dog from *Cartoon Kids* Lucky Santa Chair (0L)

Lots of freebies, group gifts and lucky chairs at *Cartoon Kids*. This is also a place for kids to play. Have fun!

EDIT: The dog could follow you or stay. If it is lost, it can send you its coordinates. If you log out of SL without taking it back to the inventory, the dog will disappear. But don't worry, the dog is copyable so you still have the dog in your folder.

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