Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Camping and Lucky Chairs at *Cartoon Kids*

I went to *Cartoon Kids* just now. The place now looks like a playground. Kids can just hang out and chit chat. The owner, whom I feel is very generous person, has set a camping site for kids to camp. The camp rate is 3L per 10 minutes. Camp rates tend to change but as of just now, it is this rate. Only KIDS can camp at the store. This is expected because many of normal camping areas are not suitable for kids.

Camp area :

I won two AOs, a girl AO and a boy AO on *Cartoon Kids* lucky chairs. The poses in the AOs are pretty good. The downside of the AO is that the poses in the AO ran continuously, meaning after one pose is performed, the next pose is triggered. In addition, the AO does not have Zhao AO functions like “Next Stand”, “Random/Sequential” etc. that one expects to find in an AO. The AO only gives one the option to turn on and off the AO.

Nevertheless, I like the AOs and you are going to see me wearing them quite often (yes, I wear the boy AO as well, haha).
Other items to be worn in the lucky chairs include skates and a winter outfit which look nice from the picture shown in the lucky chair.

Lucky Chairs:

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