Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cat Housekeeper

Today I went to clear up my stuff at my skybox. My stay in the skybox is more or less up. Tashi is nice to provide me a room to stay. However, I cant just have a room and do nothing.

Here’s come the cat housekeeper!

Tashi wants to get the cats to mate quickly. Hence, I decide to cuddle them everyday, for half an hour for as long as I have the time. My first cat I take care of is Blast.

cat housekeeper_004

Upclose on Blast. SL likes to give me the “face” problem.

To say the truth, I find it weird that cuddling the cats could speed up mating. Arent they suppose to mate naturally?

 cat housekeeper_002

The cuddling animation doesn’t suit my kid avatar.

cat housekeeper_004
Here is how Blast looks like.

cat housekeeper_006
His mate, Action. She is very beautiful. Blast must be very happy.