Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I am doing

Currently, I am looking for a freelance job (That’s the gist of the blog post, if you have no time to read).

I dont have any income in SL. No credit cards, no premium account whatsoever. I decide that it’s time to go out, get a job, and later spend all that $$ as a way to thank the generous designers. And of course, to boost the SL economy at the same time

As I prefer to work as I want to, I decide to search for freelance jobs. I don’t mind how low the pay is as long as it is better than camping rate and it is a job that I want to do. Looking at the SL forums, I realise the only freelance jobs available in abundance are the writers and dancers. I can write but I don’t know about creative writing (my blog has the best evidence haha). I am a little shy and am not interested with flirting with guys. However, I love clubbing and dressing up for the theme of the day. Hence, I thought why not give dancing a try? I could pretend to flirt and try to be sociable.

If you need a freelancer for any reason, IM me. Who knows, I may be able to do it. The compensation dont have to be in cash. I have an accounting background, btw.

red ice

It's me and SL Viewer 1.23

Hello, I am back! Last night, when I was installing SL, I realise SL Viewer 2.0 is now the primary viewer. I prefer the old viewer cos my computer is old. Hence, I am not sure whether the new viewer will work on my PC. I also havent check the system requirements for the new viewer. To me, as long as the SL viewer 1.23 works, I will continue to support it!

Anyone continues to use SL viewer 1.23? Like to have your comments so that Lindens can let us use the viewer 1.23!