Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Greenie Stuff

I went to Greenie Sim cos I thought I could still get the free Christmas Greenie Avatars in normal and tiny sizes. As expected, that didn't happen as I was too late.

However, I manage to find 2 lucky chairs. The prizes are pirate boy avatar and female pirate avatar. As I already have the pirate boy avatar (got it during a treasure hunt when Greenie Sim first opened), I hope to get the female pirate avatar so that I can be a female greenie.


Female Pirate Lucky Chair

Pirate Boy (his sword and fencing animation are not shown)

See the brown gun in the picture? It is the free bubble emoter. The emoter allows one to send preset bubble messages to persons nearby. The message can be translated to many languages. After using it, I feel that the tool is kinda like instant messaging except a little different. I wish that the tool could allow me to send customised messages.

TP here to get the goodies or attend the Advent hunt from December 1st to December 24th

Read for news about rezzable sims which include crimson shadow and greenies

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