Friday, March 20, 2009


I didn't want to blog but I read something interesting.

GoSpeed Racer decides to set up a new blog covering anecdotes and tales of woes of SL. The inspiration originates from a RL website of a similar nature.

I read the the RL site and I thought it was funny and kinda sad that such things happen to people. Hopefully, the sl version takes off.

You can read GoSpeed's post on how she comes with the new blog:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Post when i rattle on

This is my last post before my exams. My exams haven't start yet but I thought I just take an early break. I know this sounds kinda odd especially since I haven't blog often.

Things that I have done/learnt since my last blog post:

1. Clear my projects and assignment. Left with 1 quiz, 1 project presentation, 1 class presentation and 1 report

2. Learn a lot about marketing and realise I know nothing about the real world. I am stay-home person so I haven't gotten to know things that YOUNG PEOPLE will know.

3. Like a crazy tax teacher. He is funny. He teaches well but he likes to talk about irrelevant stuff.

4. Spend less time in SL and reading SL blogs. The major reason is because I am too busy but I certainly hope to make this a reality. Reason: refer to 2.

5. Sleep at 1.30am every day. Hopes today can be an exception.