Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ABC Fashion Challenge

"How it works: Put together an outfit with items from your inventory starting with the same letters like your avatar’s first name.
Basic rules:
- Use only items that you have in your inventory right now (no quick shopping spree beforehand).- Skin, shape and eyes do not have to count towards it, unless you want to.
- Only the name of the item itself counts, not the the designer’s name, brand or the type of item (e.g. you cannot use "trouser" for T) - unless you are really desperate like I was.
- Take a pic, make a list of the items used and post everything on Flickr or in your blog. Post the link to it either on Flickr or in the comments to this blog entry.- Have fun!"
Paulina Oceanlane from Who let the dorks out?

I have been reading the dorks blog for a long time. I love it cos it shows the various looks we can adopt and have fun with. One doesn’t have to be a SL Barbie or Ken all the time.


R- retro print dress by Icey
e- electric feel - Burgundy by Hiccup (1L)
d- doughnut earnings
I- intime plaster (0L)
c - classic pumps by Juicy
e - edited city chic shape - female by me (I am desperate here, couldnt find an E)

Edit: Oops, I just realise INtime is a brand. Never mind since I already posted the post.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Site Look welcoming Links

I change my blog layout. Because I change the layout, I have to add back the links manually. If you would a link here, just leave a comment and I will gladly add ya. There is no obligation to trade links cos I just want to learn about new blogs that I have not read.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Light-hearted stuff

I am back!

I change the theme of my blog to "light-hearted stuff". I have been reading blogs for quite some time and I find some blogs to be a bit on heavy side. Nothing wrong with that but I sometimes feel heavy after reading their posts. So tis the festive season and my birthday month coming, let make this blog light for reading. YAY!

While I am on it, go get cooold female and male AOs made by Creamy Cooljoke. Darn nice. Look here for pictures of them and slurl link. That place also has a free face animation hud.

I spent a lot of money today in SL. Ha- I plan to go for ETD sale but guess I cant now.