Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have a home!

Yesterday (Friday SL time), I got a group notice from * Cartoon Kids *of free rooms above its store. Ever since my exams are over, I always want a house of my own. Although I couldn’t set home at the place that I stay but it is free! Paty was kind to install a script on each door so that only the authorized person can enter the room. The rooms are also well-furnished and there is a bed for one to sleep.

I am not showing any pictures cos if you are interested, you could visit the place. The rooms are really beautifully decorated for kids and there is a playroom in the middle for kids to interact and play.

Before I leave SL, there are some rooms available so if you have a kid avatar, you can come down to take a look.
Take the lift to get to the rooms. (Select *Home* in Menu)
Rooms are for kids.
Contact Paty Paule for get one :)

EDIT: The rooms are fully rented.

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