Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last December

This is a story that I should have written Last December.

Me: Little Bear, let’s go out and play

Little Bear: But it is snowing

Me: The snow stops. Look.

Little Bear looks warily at the sky.

Little Bear: Ok, I guess it is not going to snow anytime soon. We can go out.

Me: YAY!

Me: Ah Bear, look, there is a noodle stall out there. I gonna sell to sell mee there.



Me: Look, Ah Bear, see how I cook the mee. I look very skilled!

Little Bear: Ya. Not bad.

Little Bear shouts: Come and buy mee. Nice and delicious mee!

Little Bear shouting for customers

After a while, Little Bear and I got tired of playing the noodle stall. We decide to go to 7Seas Fishing store.

Me: Let’s look around and see if there is anything fun

Looking around

Me: Look, Little Bear, 7Seas sells clothes too! I like the black girl outfit. And oh look, flower girl!


Little Bear: I think you have to wait till you grow up before you wear em.

Me: Ok. Really like the black girl outfit…

Little Bear: Hey, let take a photo to remember this day.

Me: OK! I want to take photo with bear bear!


Me: Ah bear?

Little Bear: Yes?

Me: Why do you always look sad in the photo?

Little Bear: Don’t ask me. Ask my maker.

Me: loll.

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