Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How to see bots

The academic results are gonna be released soon. Pray Pray.

I received a notecard from a member (who should be Ralphie Saeed) from Camper United group. It teaches one how to see bots.

What is a bot? According to, a bot is an avatar which is controlled by a machine, rather than by a human.

Turn on advanced settings if you have not.

Go to debug settings, change avatarcompositelimit to -1 or lower.
Any avatar that rezzes completely grey exculding prim objects is running a non-graphical client or a client that doesn't load textures from thier pc's harddrive. This includes bots and non-graphical clients. A picture of a bot being revealed by this debug setting is attached with this information. If one wishes to see it, just join Camper United to get the notecard or IM me for the notecard.

Go to debug settings, change renderunloadedavatar to true. This forces those little grey balls to take a shape, even if its ruthed, till it loads one from hard drive or becomes grey.

Camp Owners

Bots and non-graphicals can easily answer floating text and drop down questiosn that are on the primary prim, updating your camp master to 2.04 helps by using the floating text feature. Benches are manipulatable as are fastcamps.

If you want to have a person come in and teach you more about the bots and help you learn to sweep or sweep for you(for a fee), Contact Ralphie Saeed of the Merchant's Protective League.

Donations for information appreciated. Information given by Ralphie Saeed."

EDIT: I haven't try the settings so I couldn't justify whether the information is useful. Nevertheless, have a try if you are interested in bots.


Anonymous said...

I can change the RenderUnloadedAvatar setting, but not the avatarcompositelimit setting; it is not listed in the setting list. I found the same advice on several other Websites, but it simply doesn't work on my comouter and in my SL client.

RedIce Cioc said...

Hi anon,

I went to try and find that I could change the avatarcompositelimit setting.

I am using an old version of SL [Second Life 1.21.6 (99587) Oct 14 2008 17:42:25 (Second Life Release)].

As for my computer, it is a computer running in Windows XP, AMD processor 1.61GHz, 1.25GB of RAM.

I am no technical person so you may want to find someone more skillful in SL to help you. :)