Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great News!

Sorry, I have been gone for a long time. I was busy in RL and SL. Anyway, I hope I could blog often (remember my promise of blogging at least twice a week) from now on.

News #1
Who let the dorks out? is back! I didn't know that until IsabellaGrace from the blog left a comment on my blog. YAh! For your information, the blog covers unique avatars that aren't your SL Barbie or Ken.

Beanie Canning from Beanie loves Japan is back too! I used to read her blog for news on Asian fashion. She has been back for some time but I only find out about this only a few weeks ago. I dont know whether I will read her blog again (she havent update since last month). We shall see.

Ivy from Snatch decides to set up a group "Snatch VIP" to give out gifts and post updates. Join the group before 26 May 09 to enjoy free joining fee. After 26 May, joining fee is 300L. To join, go to Search - > Groups -> Type "Snatch VIP" with the "@" instead of "a" and join. I also read that Ivy will release a group gift on Saturday.

EDIT: First, I thank all of you for your comments. Second, I think I need to eat my words about the Snatch group gift. Maybe I get the timing wrong.


Bella Baroque said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for the announcement, YAY! We are thrilled to be back in the swing of things finding more anti-Ken and Barbie goodies, lol. I'm just excited that people want to come back and read after we abandoned ya'll! How dare us ;)

Beanie Canning said...

Hi Redice! Thanks so much for the mention of my blog. I just happened to update it today lol. I'm sorry I haven't been updating much - I haven't had much energy since last autumn, but I'm slowly feeling better, and hopefully will be blogging regularly again soon.