Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Freebie opinion

This topic is taken from Cen's blog. I have the similar feelings and encounter as Cen. Before I read freebie blogs, my freebies were of low quality and business in box stuff. I do occasionally have found nice freebies made by designers but the freebie bloggers definitely do a better job than me.

The first blog I read was a freebie blog from Fabfree. I love the blog because it is very newbie friendly (I was a newbie then). If the freebie is a group gift-, it will tell you how to join the group step-by-step. I like the fact that it is able to show naked skins after the cut. By viewing naked skins before getting them, I could see for myself whether the skins are worth getting. Although I understand the blog has been critised for blogging low quality freebies, I am happy to say that Fabfree now blogs great freebies!

The next freebie blog that I discover is Free*Style. At first, I do not like it as it has a messy presentation – not as systemic as Fabfree. Soon I fall in love with Free*Style because its bloggers not just blog great freebies but also teaches me how to dress through the way they put together an outfit. My love affair with Free*Style has recently dwindled because the new bloggers wrote lengthy posts and some of them insert the slurls, names of freebies and designers’ names all in sentences which makes it difficult to read. Fortunately, after feedback in chatbox on Free*Style, the situation has vanished. Free*Style apparently isn’t newbie friendly due to its bloggers’ love for wear non-freebies with the freebies and its lack of step-by-step instructions of how to find a group. Hence, I wouldn’t introduce this website to newbies that are like 1 week old etc.

I also browse through other freebie blogs and find some of them interesting as well. Now, for the sake of my inventory and precious time, I hunt for less freebies and hence spend less time reading freebie blogs. Nevertheless, thanks and kudos to the designers and freebie bloggers! :)

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