Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CS Gridwide Hammer Hunt for MEN!

I just got back from the cosmetics workshop. My, Second Life really makes it easier for us girls to put make up. Just put on a skin and that's it. On the other hand, RL makeup - I havent master that yet.

I went back to SL on Sunday. The first thing I did was to categorise my inventory. This is because I couldnt find things that I want easily. At the rate I am going (I am not online all the time), I am not getting out of the changing room any time soon.

As shown in my events column, there is a hunt for men, conducted by many great fashion designer. Go here, get a notecard of the list of locations where the hammers are found. Find a hammer and each one can get hair/jewellery/clothes/skin etc.

I used to desire a male av but I change my mind cos I dont want to lie and I think guys are same as girls. Right?

To have a glimpse of what goodies are in store, check Free*Style blog.

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