Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogroll and New SL Freebie Blogs

UPDATE: I recall that when I first logged in to SL on Sunday (cant remember which Sunday), my IM messages were capped. I hope that it was the group IMs that are capped, not the personal ones. If those are capped as well, I cant help it.

I updated my blogroll with two blogs.
Quoted from the description of her blog: The personal blog of Peace Bella, Peace of Singapore, Peace Botanical In Second Life! Discover more about me and Singapore life. Find out my opinions and thoughts about nature, food, arts, entertainment and more!

EL Vestidor de Julieta
A Spanish SL freebie blog that I love. One does not need to understand Spanish to read the blog.

New SL Freebie Blogs I discovered

Inspired- Second Life Freebies by Dreamy

Natasha’s Second Life By Natasha Burke

I love their blog designs and Hal*Hina’s group gift, Mint tunic dress blogged by Natasha Burke. Dreamy blogged free men’s fashion as well.

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