Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is there such thing as SLebrity?

SLebrity stands for SL celebrity. Since I talk about SLebrity tank in the previous post, I think I will talk about SLebrity as well. I believe there is such thing as SLebrity.

There are persons who are well-known and adored by many. According to Concise Oxford dictionary software I use, a celebrity is a famous person or the state of being famous. Since these persons fit into this definition, they are SLebrities.

On the other hand, I believe that whether a person is popular or not depends on the eyes of the beholder. If A don’t think there is anything special about the person or don’t adore him or her, the person will not be considered a SLebrity to A even though B may think otherwise.

I used to adore a blogger a lot. I read her blog and was so excited when I got to see her face to face. I was also initially hesitant to comment on her blog as I wanted to wait for the best moment to comment. Crazy, right. Now, I still adore her but not in the same crazy manner. It is the same for RL artistes too.

There is definitely a group of people or individuals that are SLebrities. We don’t call them by that name but in a way they are famous as everyone knows them. Who are they? Of course, they are the Lindens. Some Lindens are also well known as individuals. However, as Lindens are equivalent to your service provider cum the government, I guess no one will call them SLebrities. I don’t as well.

After writing this post, I realize the same can be said for RL celebrities. Whether there is such thing as a celebrity depends on the beholder. Because I am the kind that adores RL and SL persons, I believe there is such thing as SLebrity.

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