Monday, April 27, 2009

FabFree Monthly Contest - [April 2009]

FabFree ( has a monthly contest when contestants have to wear the gift of the month and take a picture of the gift along with their other freebies. The winner will be featured on Fabfree blog. Frankly speaking, I am not interested in being featured on the fabfree blog but I am very happy to have a chance to dress up!

Here is my photo:


Hair: Philotic Energy past lucky chair prize
Eyebrows: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Onyx Skins EyebrowShape - part of hunt
Eyes: [::f*a::] ChuPu EYE -must activate +APPLE POP+ group tag which is free to join
Skin: Dutch Touch past group gift
Dress including gloves & stockings: Snatch, located between the riot vendor ad and the lucky fortune teller chair
Jewellery: Eolande’s Basic Essentials - delicate pearl set *
Pose: Vain Inc past gift

* Gift of the month

Questions that FabFree requires answering
Name: RedIce Cioc
Favorite Color: All shades of blue except dark blue
What I like to wear in SL: Hair!
How I spend time in SL: Currently spend time playing dress up and shopping

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