Thursday, April 30, 2009

250L Joining Fee

In order to give the group gifts to genuine members, designers impose 250L joining fee. To elaborate, designers have found that some persons join their groups just for the group gifts. They found that these persons left the groups after they received the group gifts. To prevent this, they impose the joining fee. In consideration of the fee (meaning in return for one paying the fee), they give lots of group gifts. This is why groups with joining fee imposed generally received more group gifts compared to groups who have no joining fee imposed.

Since we know the root cause of the joining fee, can we resolve it so that fewer designers will impose the fee? I have some ideas but I am not sure whether they will work.

1. Join the group, get the gift and stay

If one likes the designer’s designs very much, he or she will be enticed to stay in the group. Besides, it is not just the gifts that one receives but notices of sales, new releases and so on.

What if you really have to leave the group?

If you like the group, try not to leave it unless your 25 group limit is met and you want to join a new group.

Before you leave the group, check that the group gift(s) have disappeared in the group notices. The group gift will disappear in the next 15 days from its date of release. If the group gift is given out in the store and requires the group tag to be activated, give it a month from the date of release of the group gift before you leave the group. Sometimes, the group gift is left indefinitely in the store. One month is still sufficient for such group gifts because the designer will normally notifies members of the group gift only once, which is when it is released.

Leave the group when the above paragraph is satisfied.

I follow this practice because I feel that in return for the group gifts received, one should return the favour by at least staying in the group. This is why designers give group gifts in the first place – to get one to stay in the group, learn about their products and hopefully buy their products. In addition, the chance of many members leaving the group at the same time is lowered.

2. Check that groups permit free open enrolment before leaving group

This is to prevent one from leaving a group which is closed to the public or leaving a group which has imposed a joining fee.

3. Get Alts to join groups that you couldn’t join

If you have alts, get them to join groups that you couldn’t join due to the 25 group limit. This will prevent you from leaving groups.

I welcome more suggestions or opinions about the issue. Cya.

EDIT: I just realize 2 has nothing with the issue. LOL.

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