Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hump Day Party and Grand Opening of tReY dOpE!!

Cen and Alicia are going to organise a Hump Day party. Details are found in my Events column. Their parties are always well-attended (is there such a word?) and you can talk about anything under the sun or listen to the music. It is not a girls' party, we have guys attending as well. Once, the guys are outnumbered the girls! The dress attire is as quoted from Cen's blog- "Fetish Fun" Put on your fetishwear: leather, latex, silks, fur...but let's try to keep it reasonable, I don't need to see attachments or girl bits LOL I'm just saying!

The dress attire is actually not compulsory but it is fun to dress to the theme. I decide that I gonna wear a latex suit which I got not so long ago. It is not fabulous but it suits the theme. For those who doesnt know what is Hump Day, Humped Day= Wed= Midday of week= gotta be weekend soon!

There is a grand opening with treasure hunt tomo (16 June) as blogged by gogolita. I gonna go and see what fabulous stuff they got there.

Talking about clothes, Fabfree blogs about a 150L gift card today. I went to visit the store, joins its group but I never got the gift card. I was disappointed and wonder what happens. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

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