Monday, June 23, 2008

Foolishness + Lack of Time

After reading Laleeta Xue 's blog post about buying freebies that are not freebies, I have the same encounter. It was foolishness + lack of time that led to them.

The first incident occurred when I read from the group notice archives that there was a freebie shape at the store. I immediately went to the store and bought the shape. That was in the morning. Later, in the afternoon when I logged in, I realised that my account balance seems to be lower than before. Puzzled, I check my transaction history. Ahh! I spent 50L on the shape. I then went to the notice archives. The designer didnt say anything about the shape being free. It was all in my mind! LMAO. After this incident, I nv get freebies when my mind is sleepy.

The second incident occurred when I was in a hurry. I wanted to get a group gift dress. When I click "Join" to join the group, I found that 10L was deducted from my account! I then read the description of the group and found that the designer has imposed a 10L fee to avoid spammers. I was unhappy cos if I have known this, I wouldnt join the group. However, I didnt blame the designer. She has her reasons.

After these two incidents, I have been extra careful. However, I know I am bound to make such mistakes. It is ok. Giving money occasionally to my fav designers is a good thing too!

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Anonymous said...

He he, glad to know I'm not the only one!