Thursday, June 19, 2008

ABC Meme from Cen

Because everyone is posting everyday, I feel guilty if I don't post so here goes.

Meme: Go to the address bar at the top of your Internet browser, type a letter of the alphabet, and write down the first website that comes up.

A - ad (some ad link)

B - (My regular translator for translating English to Chinese, Japanese to English)

C - (I just visit her blog so maybe that is why it came up 1st)

D - (I like his blog since he blog about freebies- which he don't now)

E -Edventure Website (My must-visit website for all my lecture notes etc. It is quite an educational adventure.)

F -

G - (A website that I visit as part of project research)

H - (Same reason as above)

I - (Same reason as above)

J - reason as above)

K - (Same reason as above)

L - nil

M - (Same reason as above)

N - (Same reason as above)

O - My school library catalogue

P - Another website visited as part of my project research

Q - nil

R - (this is not the exact URL- dont want u guys to read long url)

S - Another website visited as part of my project research

T -

U - My TV channel's website- cos the channel is called Channel U.

V - nil

W- My school email account login page- I check my sch email everyday

X - Website for watching my mom's fav chinese shows

Y - Youtube

Z - nil

Looks like I read a lot of blogs and do a lot of research. The project is over but the links are still there. haha.

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