Friday, September 11, 2009

Coraline Boutique in Another World

Miss Susas Second Life is very kind to blog most or all of prizes in the SLGW Mother/Daughter Hunt. From her blog, I saw Coraline Boutique #73 that I really like to have. Unfortunately, the prize has changed to a pair of jeans. I love the design on the jeans and the jeans come in adult and kids version, though I think they are essentially the same thing.

Coraline Boutique #73

The photo is taken outside Coraline Boutique’s store. It is raining and I love rain!

Free items:
Hair: Jess from Truth (Use "Search" -> "Places" to find store)
Kid's skin: ~JD~ SKINS AND SHAPES ~
Kid's shape: FREE*STYLE POSES @ Ravenwear (Pay what you want)

Top: Another World/Ghostly Designs #1
Pant: Coraline Boutique #73

Miss Susas Second Life blog post on SLGW Mother/Daughter Hunt

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