Saturday, June 13, 2009

Love Friday - I love bears!

I love bears a lot a lot a lot! I also love cats but that is another story.

When i was a kid /baby, I keep yelling to my parents that i want a bear that i see in the shopping centre. My parents couldn’t stand it and bought me my first bear. This starts my love affair with bears. Till now, I still have my first bear. It is very special to me because she is my first friend.

There is also another bear I love. Panda! There is a new movie made about a panda and an orphan. It is a Chinese movie by Disney and Castle Hero Pictures. The movie is called "Trail of the Panda". What is so special about the movie is that they use real pandas in the movie!

I believe the movie will also be shown in English because there is a English trailer for it as well. Enjoy!

The Trailer

The making of the movie

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^ina.xuanz^ = iXuan said...

hmmmm i dont really like translated english movies; cause i remember watching Jackie Chan's translated movies and the subs sounds terrible T-T

However english subtitles would be good =)