Friday, June 19, 2009

I have a (SL) dream

As I grow up in SL, I realize the importance of SL home ownership. You can set your home in a place (e.g. infohub) but if it don't feel like a home (no apartment, nobody you can talk to etc.), it is not a home to you. However, owning a home is pretty expensive. Even if one don't own land and incurs land costs, the rental cost can set one back by L$100 per week.

For newbies, they could get a free home at Starting Point ( However, there is no free or cheap home for persons who have never own a home before and are not newbies. Hence, I have a dream to have a piece of land for such people. These people will stay at the land for a few months to experience what it is like to have a home. The rental fee will be L$10 per week or something like that. This is so that the needy residents will find it affordable to own a home.

Because I have no intention to use real money to finance my SL life, I currently have about L$5,000 in my SL account. The money is probably not enough to realise the dream in the long term. However, I hope that I can earn more $ in my spare time to attain my dream. I also hope to find free and/or cheap places to stay so that I could recommend these places.

I hope someone can help me to fulfill this dream. Many Thanks!

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