Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Treasure Quest

During my early days in SL, I played Treasure Quest, a treasure hunt that spans many sims. It was a source of fun and resources for clothing my av. Back then, I didnt know or read any freebie blogs. Hence, Treasure Quest is an important part of my SL life.

Today, Treasure Quest has gone bigger with more designers sponsoring the prizes. In addition, the monthly treasure quest is now occuring twice a month. I still remembered that I had to pay 1L for each prize I win. Now, I dont have to pay a single cent.

Writing this post bring back fond memories. I remembered how busy the Treasure Quest Hunters group IM were, how we were helping each other to solve the clues. The clues used to be pretty hard. I eventually learn to solve the clues without any help.

I stop playing Treasure Quest this year as Treasure Quest is quite time consuming. However, it is so fun that I want to let all of you know especially now that it is featured by a freebie blog. For about a year, I wonder why no freebie blogger blogs about this amazing hunt. Now that someone did it, I am so happy.

For pictures of the prizes for the ongoing quest:

For the slurls of the Teasure Quest locations:

If you want to have maximum fun in the treasure hunt, I suggest not refering to slurls as it takes the fun out of the hunt. There is no mystery as you now know where prizes are hidden.

Many thanks to the Baking Cupcakes bloggers for blogging the hunt. :)

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