Saturday, September 6, 2008

Edit: Five things you didnt know about me

EDIT: Although I am a girl most of time, I have many types of avs. Examples include senior citizen and tinies which are mainly bears to cats to dragon to birds!!! I love them all and I have decided in my next school holiday, I gonna make myself a male av. YAY!

I got the idea from Cen’s blog.

RL Things

I don’t drink beer, wine or the like. In the future, I may have to but I definitely don’t want to.

I like to dance in my room just for fun.

My dad just moves one of our computers to my room. This is my first time using the computer in my room and it feels refreshing!

I have three computers at home. One in the living room, one in my dad’s room and one in my room

I have a monitor and TV that requires some banging on them in order to be reusable. Reason for banging: The TV is old while someone throws the monitor and my dad picks it up to use.

SL Things

My av is not pretty all the time but I still like to look at it.

Most of the people in my friends list are men. (Edit: that sound so ... but it is true)

I don’t believe in offering friendship until I know someone well enough. “Well enough” is very subjective. (Edit: I have not offer friendship before so after thinking for a while, I still dont know when to offer friendship.)

Most of my inventory and what I wear are free or 1L items. I do spend but not so much on shopping but on services E.g. Tips for clubbing.

I love hair. It is my favourite.

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