Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sailor Moon Lingerie in Second Life

I recently succumbed to the temptation to play the Gacha Machine in an attempt to get the Sailor Moon Lingerie. Reason: I watched Sailor Moon Anime as a kid and often had to rush home from Tuition to watch it. I also love to read the Sailor Moon comics that I borrowed from the library. Although I don't read or watch Japanese Anime (except for Doramen) now, I still remember Sailor Moon and some of its characters.

I played once (once is good enough lar) and win the Mars Outfit!


Photo from the Creator, The Sugar Garden []

There are 2 Gacha Machines, one for lingerie, the other for the wand. The lingerie costs L$50 each play. The wand costs L$75 each play. Hence, buying the lingerie sounds more worthwhile.

The very next day I wore the Mars Outfit at Eturnal Night Sim. I was outside the Sweet Poison\o/Club when a guy IMed me asking whether I am Female or not. I noticed a few guys like to ask this question. Does it matter? After I answered his question, I logged out to do other things. After I logged back, he left an IM asking whether I like to dance with him or not. Guess this outfit must be HOT to the guys haha.

Limo to the Gacha Machines:
- you have to walk out of the building to find the Machines
The Gacha Machines are part of Oh my Gacha event held from 1 Jan 14 to 31 Jan 14.

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Tashi Core said...

I need a sailormoon underwear dang!