Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to know that you are addicted to Second Life?

1.       While doing RL (real life) things like brushing teeth, you thought of Second Life (SL).

“Damn, I forget to delete an item in my inventory folder.”
“I left my avatar in her bikini! Why didn’t I change to proper clothes before I log out! Who knows- someone will see me when I log in?

2.       You think of what to do when you log in to Second Life instead of more important things like what jobs to apply for.

3.       You feel like logging on to Second Life website so that you can see whether your friend(s) is online in SL. If someone is online, you will have a good reason to “persuade” yourself to log in to SL even though it is bedtime.

4.       You tell yourself that you must write this post before you go to sleep tonight.

Arr.. I am addicted to Second Life.


Tashi Core said...

but, but, but... I don't see you in-world?

RedIce Cioc said...

Cos i login in the morning, while drinking powdered milk that i detest a lot for many years. No choice, woman needs lots of calcium.