Thursday, December 17, 2009

I heart male avatar!

Thanks to LE.LOOK!, I have a male avatar! If you see Mr Red, say hi to him.

How to be of the opposite sex (my words, not LE.LOOK!)

LE.LOOK!, a SL shopping mall cum sim is celebrating its 1 year anniversary so it is giving 1 full male avatar and 1 full female avatar for free.

The avatars consist of everything. Clothes, ao, hair, skin, shape, shoes etc. Various designers who have shops in LE.LOOK contribute to the items that make up the avatars.

LE.LOOK! is not giving the full avatars in one go. Instead, it is giving the items that make up the avatars piece by piece from now until 24 Dec. If you miss the items when they are just released, fret not as they are around until 24 Dec.

As the avatars are very popular, expect lag. I suggest you get the freebies and leave quickly. I usually wear a bikini with no attachment (yes, no hair!) when I go to such laggy places.

More info at

Additional note: Forget to mention, you must join LE.LOOK! group and activate its group tag so that you can obtain the items.

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