Saturday, August 29, 2009

Info on SLGW Mother/Daughter Hunt

How to hunt?

Look for two colors of pink hearts, one marked mothers and the other for daughters.

Prizes only for mothers and daughters?

Other than clothes, there are items available for all genders. Furniture is a one of them. The clothes that are specified for daughters may or may not suit the adults and vice versa.

Official blog? The blog contains:

URLs of blogs' preview of the hunt prizes

Hunt hints

Name of participating stores

Preview of hunt prizes

Official Hunters' Group?

Mother/Daughter Hunt Hunter's Group. Go to "Search" and then "Groups" and enter the name of the group to join it.

Stores' SLURLs?
I have some of the stores' SLURLs listed here. The list is not complete.

What about me?
In the next few weeks, I will be featuring some of the prizes that one can get from the hunt.

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