Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clearing up blog & Flickr

Hi there! Sorry I make it look it like the blog is never updated. I meant to update the blog but it is either I don't have the time or I don't know what to write.

Thinking back, I have deleted 2 blog posts before. One was the first post I wrote when I first started the blog. The other was a post about a contest that was already over, thus I thought I may as well delete it. Now, I regret deleting my first post. I plan to write a new one but then I realise I couldn't bring back the spirit and the words of my maiden post. Hence, I decide to leave it as such since I can't un-delete the maiden post.

Clearing up blog & Flickr

I decide to every now and then clear up my blog posts and my Flickr photostream. This is because my Flickr photostream could only show up to 200 photos at one time. I don't like the idea that my old favourite photos got pushed back. Hence, I delete the ones that I don't like that much. This of course involves me deleting the related blog posts cos all my photos are uploaded to Flickr for the purpose of blogging.

Due to all these clearing up, I wonder when I will hit my 100th post. Haha.

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