Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mirrorlabs Skin Studio (create your own skin for free)

I subscribed to many groups. 1-2 weeks ago, I receive a notecard from one of the groups.

(Quoted from Delaney Whippet's notecard. She is from Mirrorlabs Skin Studio / Microphage.)

Mirrorlabs Skin Studio is a new and exciting way of creating skins for use in Second Life. Using this flash web interface, you can create a custom avatar skin right on the 3d model and export your finished skin instantly! It currently uses as a base. I am going to be improving and adding new skins, options and content as the testing continues. ( tattoos, makeup, freckles , special features)

Visit Mirrorlabs Skin Studio at:

You can also check out my ideas/additions in the future file at

I have tried making my own skin. It is fun and one can export the demo to one's email or just save the textures to disk. To export a finished skin (with full permission rights), one has to purchase a valid passcode from the Mirrorlab kisok. Currently, one can only create female skins but male skins are also up and coming.

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