Sunday, October 26, 2008

Personal Update + Second Life Bloggers Mix’n Match #1

Personal Update

I just got a 1GB RAM + my old 256MB RAM. I got excited and downloaded SL a few hours ago. The program was running smoothly and I can view SL in full screen. I havent been able to do that for ages.

I have been doing some reflection. If I start studying hard in the beginning of the semester, maybe I will score better grades now. Sigh. I just have to stoppp wasting time. It's been hard and fun for the past few months but I enjoy it. If you wonder why I am worrying so much about studies, it is because my GPA has dropped drastically last year and I am trying to get it back on track.

Liquid Rage is back!!! It is my favourite club in SL. It gonna be reopening soon after months of break. Now the club is recruiting hosts, hostness and DJs. I like to apply but working 4-6 hrs per week is something that I cant afford for now. Anyone interested to get a job, do apply cos the owners are very nice people.

Second Life Bloggers Mix'n Match #1

Vint Falken is having a challenge as named above. Bloggers exchange blogs and post on the blogs. When signing for the challenge, bloggers have to state a topic. So the challenge goes like this:

"BloggerA will write about a subject suggested by bloggerB on the bloggerC’s blog."
quoted from Vint Falken.

Click on any "Vint Falken" links to get details on the challenge. Dateline for application is 31 October and the organiser will post the results on 1 November.

I want to take part but I have no time. Ya RedIce, but you have time to blog. Well, I squeeze in time to do that. :)

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