Friday, August 15, 2008

Notecard for Help

I log in to SL whenever I saw must-have freebies or cheapies blogged by others. I do not like that every time I log in, I am bombard with group notices and subscribe-o-matic group notices and that I continue to read every single notice and notecard even though I am frustrated with the matter. Well I am happy that I have many things to read but well…. still frustrated.

I just receive this notecard from a person that I like to share with ya all.

Hi all My name is Shawna I was in a car accident on august6th 2007 and on Aug 21 I am going to have to have major back surgery I am reaching out to sl in hopes that maybe you will help. I have come up with $200usd through basicaly haveny to sell my business and alot of my favorite sl tools ;( but still need to come up with another $300usd for for my $500 dollar co pay so I am reaching to all of sl to see if maybe someone will help. I have tried all avenues I could think of and this is my last chance so ty for reading this and I hope you can help even 1L is something. Thank you so much for your consideration and hope that you can find it in your heart to help me. I know the pic is semi provocative but only pic I have atm.
Shawna hemplestein
AKA Tiny Epin

Helping Hands SL Charities

This is the first time I receive such a notecard. I am sceptical about notecards like this. Nevertheless, I went to check Tiny Epin’s profile and saw this description on her classified section:

Helping Hands SL Charities
This group was made for people that have true Crisis in theres lives and need help via donations and help. We do investigate all claims before doing our best to help you to weed out the scamers. Also if you would like to help and donate to a great cause or group please Im me. I have reached out to sl several times and they helped me so now its my turn to try and help you.
Sincerely Founder of they SL chapter of Helping Hands.

In other words, Tiny is the founder of the charity and needs help. She has also set up a group for this charity. I tped to the place and found that there is charity yard sale of which some stuff are business-in-the box stuff and a kiosk for me to donate to the charity. I donated and I hope people who read this can donate a bit to the charity to help her. Whether this is real or a scam - I have no idea, it is for all to judge.

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